Learn about the University Skating School

Spring & Summer Hockey and Power Skating Programs:

These programs are for hockey players from ages 4-16 to improve their skills and proper technique for both skating and hockey development. Skating is built on technique, balance, edges, and strength. Our students will stride, turn, and stop, equally from left to right forward and backwards with proper instruction and demonstration. NHL players who we see in the off season say the same thing. That is most important to practice Skating – Skating – Skating. Our hockey skill is run from competitive junior coaches, to Junior A, University and Pro Players for both players and goalies. We work on stick handling, shooting, passing, skills and advance to game skills, with speed and strength. Both skating and hockey skills require that you skate with your head up. This means that when you play hockey at a high level, both your feet and hands work automatically, which take years of practice and dedication.
  • Spring Programs run once or twice a week.
  • Competitive players should skate 2 times a week.
  • Summer programs run weekly.
Most Improved Time for a Hockey Player is SUMMER! The most improve time for a Hockey Player is the summer time. Players will improve at a faster rate in the summer since they have no school, no travelling outside the city to and from games and practices. Example: If a hockey player has 1 practice per over 5 weeks in the winter this in condensed to one week of summer skating as they are on the ice 5 days a week, which is equal to 5 weeks of winter skating.